58mm Portafilter

The 58 mm portafilter is a common filter used in commercial espresso machines and not available in general portable coffee extraction equipment. 58 espresso™ has used its unique technology to incorporate a 58 mm portafilter into the product!



Espresso Recipe in Common

Although there are slight differences among baristas, espresso extraction recipes are generally as follows.

✔️ 9-Bar Atmospheric pressure
✔️ Water temperature ranging from 90°C to 96°C
✔️ 58 mm portafilter to prevent over-extraction
✔️ Fine espresso grain, 1 dose of fresh beans
✔️ About 30 seconds of extraction time
✔️Ratio of coffee beans to extraction weight 1:2

The SPTK-1 allows you to try the recipes of famous baristas or make your own one while you are at home, in a park, and even at work!