Mission of 58 espresso™

"Companion to the NOMAD Cafe."

As you may have already noticed, the number 58 comes from the 58 mm portafilter. Our 58 espresso™ SPTK-1 insists on only the 58 mm portafilter. Why? 58 espresso™ is a brand created to make it possible for professional baristas to use the 58 mm portafilter anywhere.

Normally, espresso machines for 58 mm portafilters cost thousands of dollars. But 58 espresso™ revolutionized the espresso machine market with its affordable price, excellent extraction capabilities, and even portability! ​

Now enjoy your own espresso at home as well as on your camping and business trips.

All you need is a good grinder, coffee beans, and hot water!

Why 58 espresso™ insists on a 58 mm Portafilter

Although every famous espresso machine

differs in size, many companies have the 58 mm group heads in common.
Considering the quality of coffee extraction and the compatibility of accessories, 58mm is the best choice. For this reason, our brand name bears the number 58 - we love 58!

Limitations Of the Moka Pot

1. Water Temperature Too High

Moka Pot's closed boiling water temperature reaches about 120 degrees Celsius, which is far above 95 degrees Celsius, the optimum brew temperature for ideal espresso. This makes sense because the higher the air pressure, the higher the boiling point of the water. A Moka Pot's 120 degrees Celsius causes the problem of excessive extraction.

2. 1.5 bars is the highest air pressure that Moka Pots can make at best.

So it falls short of 9 bars, the ideal espresso extraction pressure. Espresso, to be good, must be extracted quickly under high pressure and 1.5 bars is not enough.

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