What is the meaning of SPTK?
Our product name is derived from Sputnik 1, mankind’s first satellite and inspiration for the design of SPTK-1.
Is it possible to use my own 58mm portafilter with SPTK-1?
For compatibility with SPTK-1, your portafilter must be 58mm wide and compatible with E61 group heads. The teeth diameter must also be under 81mm. For further inquiries, please email us at tickeninc@gmail.com.
Is SPTK-1 safe?
All materials in contact with water are made food-grade. In particular, 304 stainless steel is expensive but known as the safest material for kitchen utensils. Since it is made of strong materials, it is safe for pressure generated espresso extraction. In addition, there is a safety pressure valve that automatically releases excessive pressure.
Why does SPTK-1 use a portable pump as a pressure source?
We decided to choose the portable pump as it is easy to carry as well as rechargeable. On the market, there are already espresso machines that rely on manual pressure and turning the levers. These machines, in comparison to SPTK-1 which uses the portable pump, have many inconveniences and problems with inaccuracy.
What are the technical specifications of the T-MP001 pump?
We worked hard to develop a pump with better performance than any other portable pump on the market. Here are the specifications: o Battery capacity:4,000 mA o Max Noise: 75 dB o Can be used as a battery pack to charge other devices
Is SPTK-1 is patented?
Yes, 58 Espresso has recently received a patent for SPTK-1's innovative design and method of espresso extraction in Korea.